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Journalmouth, a question. Where on the internet can you speak to Robocop? Or how's about Keanu Reeves? Where can you chew the fat with the North Korean Nuke? Or spend time with Jake Fuckin Buseys teeth? A place to discuss whether or not Paris Hiltons nose looks like a penis, or the state of Benos balls? I'm talking about somewhere where Margaret Thatcher and SKYNET ONLINE hang out to the soothing sounds of MC Honky while other forums can only run and cower in the corner? Maybe you'd like to relax in the Famous People Lounge (only if you're famous of course, which I doubt you are) while browsing through exotic MS Paint art works? And what would you say if I were to tell you you could do all this on just one site? Well you can friends, it's called:

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